Our dedicated ICP team works side by side with our clients.

Delivering innovative food service across continental, regional and country barriers is one of the most challenging facilities management challenges. Overlay this with the many religious, ethnic and personal food preferences represented across any global business; then the task seems to have so many potential pitfalls often the notion falls at the first stage – as a concept.

This why, often, even the largest and most sophisticated organisations we work with have previously shied away from attempting it. They have made do with the inconsistencies and poor economics of using a whole range of local food service delivery.

Even in some of the worlds leanest organisations food service remains one of the last flabby areas – our global footprint and universal international standards enables us to provide you with innovative service at the best possible value.

Our International Clients’ Programme (ICP) pulls together all the power of the Compass Group so that we can offer our large multi-national clients a centralised and consistent approach.

You can leverage our 20 years’ experience in managing and developing multi-national contracts. The ICP team implements consistent and pro-active cross-border account management, reporting and strategic planning and delivers you absolute Transperancy on financial and non-financial performance through enhanced global management information and benchmarking.


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