25th January 2019

The search for ‘value’ represents a top trend for 2019


  • More and more global companies are looking for value in food service 
  • The potential return of getting food service right
  • How Compass Group makes “glocalisation2 possible

The Compass International Clients’ Programme delivers innovative food service solutions for clients with a global footprint – that’s more than 700 locations in over 50 countries. 

Whilst we fully recognise that ‘price’ will always feature on a list of what’s important to our clients we are increasingly finding the search for real ‘value’ is finding its way to the top of that list. 

Conversations with our clients and prospects now include a higher proportion of time than ever spent talking around the notion of ‘value’ in the context of a global food service offering.

It’s worth exploring why there has been an apparent shift in agenda.

It’s more than just a cost category

Clearly if you are managing a global business, or indeed building one (we have been working amidst two major corporate mergers recently), you naturally look at ways of building economies of scale. We would be first to admit that, although the food service you currently offer is not an insignificant cost category, neither is it likely to be found at the top of the list of potential cost savings. So why is it, increasingly, finding its way on to corporate agendas? 

There does seem to be a realisation that although scale of cost savings in themselves might not immediately rank it as a priority, ‘getting food right’ can deliver a disproportionately high bang for your buck. So, as an investment in time and effort, your potential return has high value. 

If you are running a global organisation almost inevitably you are playing in the global recruitment, attraction and retention market – simply, you want to attract the cream of the crop into your business and food is now considered a key element in complex attraction and retention strategies. HR and talent teams in major corporates look at how companies like Google have leveraged their food offering in this respect. 

We would never go as far as suggesting more high calibre staff will join your business just because you offer great food but we do firmly believe in the power of food in the workplace. Over and over again we see how an evocative, insights driven, food solution can play a huge part in creating an environment in which individuals and teams can thrive, no matter where they are in the globe.

The art of the possible.

Many people tell us that they have considered taking a global approach to food service but ruled it out as “just too difficult’. In a way they are correct; a great deal of the tasks you might cluster under FM are, whilst important, both transactional and discrete – however, if food service goes wrong it can be the quickest route to raising individuals hackles than just about anything else. Why rock the boat?

That’s exactly where the Compass International Clients’ Programme comes in. Our key to this is ‘glocalisation’. Compass Group has over half a million great people in more than 50,000 locations across the World, serving over 5 BILLION meals a year. We understand that that represents 5 billion critical transactions between our catering professionals and our customers (your staff) in which quality and value has to be right at the forefront – whether it be noodles in Hong Kong or schnitzel in Austria. 

Our local delivery teams ensure that the local mark is hit, day in day out. We combine this focus on local delivery with our dedicated team of international account managers who provide a Single Point of Contact for each client. These dedicated managers ensure smooth running of global activities and provide consolidated reporting as well as working with you to develop an international food services strategy. This unique approach makes what may have appeared “just too difficult”, entirely possible. 

In respect of ‘value’ then refreshing your food service offering across your global estate will, almost certainly, deliver hard financial benefits, as well as softer but equally tangible benefits to the business such as the attraction of first class personnel and retention of key staff. that’s where a specialist like Compass Group comes in. 

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“Over and over again we see how an evocative, insights driven, food solution can play a huge part in creating an environment in which individuals and teams can thrive, no matter where they are in the globe.”