19th November 2019

Personalised nutrition can promote wellbeing in the workplace.


  • What is “Personalised nutrition”?
  • How can it help in the workplace?
  • How Compass can deliver personalisation in your food offer.

Personalised nutrition is an approach that uses information on individual characteristics to develop targeted nutritional advice that is beneficial to health.  It is still an emerging trend in the food industry, but it is already at the forefront of the health-conscious eater.

In recent years we have all become more aware that, while general concepts of good nutrition apply across the whole population, nutritional needs vary from individual to individual and our genes influence how our body responds to the nutrients being consumed. 

Although the overall consensus among scientists is that much more research and regulation are required to further advance personalised nutrition studies, great progress is already being made in the right direction and global companies need to embrace the trend.

How can personalised nutrition help in the workplace?

First of all, personalised nutrition plans are not just for people with certain conditions; they are beneficial to everyone and people are asking for them more and more. By looking at the complex interaction between nutrients and genes, personalised nutrition can create specific diets that complement a person’s unique genetic profile to help reduce health risks and boost wellness. It is easy to see how this can have a positive impact on your employees: a healthy workforce is a happy and productive one and a food service strategy which promotes wellness and reduces health risks will bring benefits to your company by boosting performance and helping personnel retention. 

However, implementing such an individual approach on a global level may seem a daunting task: how do you find out your employees’ needs and eating habits and cater for them on such a large scale? How do you organise your food service so that change is introduced seamlessly and without shocks in the system? Are your costs going to spiral out of control or is this going to introduce economies in your food service? Have you got the right technology in place? 

We know that personalising of your food offer on a global scale can be successfully done because we do it day-in day-out. Surely, it requires the great organisation, experience, well-oiled structures and best practices which only a food service specialist with a global presence and a local approach can have. As a leading food service company, Compass is always at the forefront of innovation and our attention to local, cultural and individual needs means that our ability to work to diverse culinary demands is unrivalled. At Compass ICP, we are in a privileged position to apply a personalised approach to food at work on a global scale in your business multiplying the benefits many times over. 

You can read more about the technology and practices we have introduced with our global partners to make eating at work a personal experience, here or you can start the conversation, calling Jeroen Kurvers on +31 655 860 513

“Personalised nutrition plans are not just for people with certain conditions; they are beneficial to everyone and people are asking for them more and more”.