8th August 2019

Give your employees ownership of their food experience


  • The drive towards personalisation of the food experience
  • The challenges involved with this new trend
  • Compass ICP’s solution: experience, insights and culture

We have already talked about how culture differences affect food choices from region to region and how important it is for a global employer to be aware of these differences

However, in the fast-changing times we are living, the drive to personalisation and customisation in the food experience is becoming even stronger than regional traditions.

We are all becoming more and more passionate and knowledgeable about the food we eat and, as a consequence, we are more demanding: it must be “our” food, our menu, our choice. When we go and eat in a restaurant at work, we expect to find an experience which is much more than just a break: it involves the quality of the food as well as the design of our eating spaces. Even the manner in which we consume our food is now an important factor: street food and “grab-and-go” options are now a stable presence in many work restaurants.

Technology also plays a part that would not have been imaginable only a few years ago in this personalisation process. Employees today are digital natives and will be more and more so, as new generations advance; this kind of employee responds very well to technological innovations like pre-order apps and digital menus that offer a seamless and convenient food experience. 

All these factors mean that you must give your employees ownership of their menus, making it easy for them to make better food choices, creating experiences that drive well-being and encourage a sense of community.

The more we move towards personalisation trends and the more challenging it is going to be to satisfy them on a global scale. Our solution is in experience, insights and culture: surveys, demographics, consumer profiling technology enable us to create an exact picture of what people want, while our strong culture of inclusion and differentiation enables us to bring the granular to the global scale.

If you would like to start the conversation about personalising food offer for your global employees, you can call Jeroen Kurvers on +31 655 860 513

Technology plays a part that would not have been imaginable only a few years ago in this personalisation process.