Great food service, delivered globally

Great food fuels great people, great people fuel high performance teams

We believe that by harnessing the power of food you can energise the workforce throughout the working day and that in today’s modern workplace, energy is the new workplace currency. We believe that this energy and productivity, is sustained by great healthy, nutritious food. Great food service also plays a formative role in talent attraction and retention. It can play an active role in bringing people together thereby fostering better collaboration and inspiring innovation through casual collisions

The Compass International Clients’ Programme (ICP) has been specifically developed to meet the needs of our clients who have a large international footprint. The ICP means we can work together to deliver evocative and innovative food service solutions in almost any territory across the globe. We partner with our clients to meet the requirement for a local food service offering whilst leveraging the economies of scale only a truly global supplier can provide.

We understand each of our global clients has unique food demands. We meet them with open minds, first class service and unparalleled flair – at every type and size of location. Our global footprint, economies of scale and operational expertise enable us to offer this innovative food service at the lowest cost.

“The power of food, delivered on a global scale.”

Why Compass

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