Our business is food. Our passion is food. Our world is food.

This means we can invest ourselves totally in fuelling the spark of creativity in your business. Our solutions are designed around your individual requirements and goals.

Our culinary innovation is headed up by Nick Vadis who works closely with a team of talented forward-thinking chefs from around the globe. They play a pivotal role  in shaping our international food service offers.

At a local level, the culinary innovation team  bring new concepts and innovation to life with the support of our Business Excellence teams who are instrumental in developing efficient, enticing, insight-driven solutions.

The unique combination of our insight driven approach, culinary innovation and business excellence is the driver of all  successful food service implementations.

We create a bespoke international food service that works in synergy with your brand, aspirations and cultural values and the cultural values of every country and region you operate in. We believe meals aren’t just about food, we also focus on creating a best in class customer experience.

We work with you to maximise space and real estate potential to build and develop dining destinations in which colleagues can meet, eat and drink, share and build connections – whether it be over a great cup of coffee or a gourmet meal.

Food shouldn’t be purely functional. Everyone wants to eat well and enjoy great tasting food. For us that means variety, flavour and the novelty of new ideas and inspiration. We’ll work hard to bring you the best produce, and use our global scope and insights to inject it with fresh influences.


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