4th October 2018

Teaching Kitchen


  • An intelligent use of workspaces is essential for health and motivation at work.
  • Compass can help you optimise real estate usage across your global foodservice
  • The benefits of the Teaching Kitchen programme 

Considering how much time we all spend at work, intelligent workspaces are essential for health and motivation. This is even more true for a global company,with a massive real estate footprint and a high value workforce.

In a competitive recruitment landscape a proactive wellbeing programme for employees is high on the agenda for many of our clients and  it is just this kind of initiative that our International Clients Programme (ICP) is designed to support.

We work with our clients to optimise real estate usage around their global foodservice offering. There are many ways to make good use of work spaces, from encouraging movement and collaboration to offering your team ways to learn something new and break routine in a meaningful way; our “Teaching Kitchen” ticks all these boxes.

The Teaching kitchen programme is a way to build workplace communities in which staff can collaborate and bond in an engaging, innovative, educational and fun way.  It is a platform for our guests to learn about food and nutrition, which widens their food choices both at work and at home. 

Each Teaching Kitchen is custom-designed and budgeted to  client requirements and takes into account the unique environment in which it will operate. 

They come in a variety of formats and curricula and there is a teaching kitchen solution to fit seamlessly into the majority of workspaces giving  a fantastic opportunity to introduce a new experience to your workforce

Wherever Teaching Kitchens have been implemented, benefits have included improved employee productivity, creativity, morale, team spirit and engagement with other wellness initiatives. And there is more: participants in teaching kitchen courses have reported an increased frequency of cooking at home, reduction of mealtime stress and an increase in the appreciation of world cuisines and cultures – good news for a client with an international workforce

With our Teaching Kitchens, your staff will have a chance to engage with culinary experts and registered dietitians within an enjoyable curriculum that will not only educates but also entertains, increases confidence and enhances teambuilding.

If you would like to know more about our Teaching Kitchen initiative, you can talk to any one of our International Clients Business Development Team  on +44 1932 573 000

“Each Teaching Kitchen is custom-designed and budgeted to client requirements and takes into account the unique environment in which it will operate.”