10th August 2018



  • Why food waste is such an important global issue
  • The “Stop Food Waste Initiative” 
  • How Compass is helping its global partners stop food waste.

A global issue.

Food waste has quickly become a critical issue for the planet, both for the environment and for people.One third of all food produced worldwide, 1.3 billion tons per year, is wasted. This accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any country apart from China and the US. We need to tackle thisn ever-increasing issue globally  and Compass, due to its international presence as the world’s largest food service company , is in a privileged position to raise international awareness. 

Stop Food Waste day.

Compass Group designated April 27th 2018 as Stop Food Waste day, an international day of action which brings individuals and companies together to fight food waste, build awareness and inspire change. 

Stop Food Waste day brought together 30 countries; Compass country teams received ongoing support, ranging from training and tools to focus on reducing food surplus, help in building partnerships to donate excess food to local communities, and marketing materials to raise awareness of ways to stop waste  at home. Through all its locations Compass has aimed at giving a positive example, challenging people to re-think of how they shop and cook, to teach them that a lot of the food we throw away is nutritional and delicious and to use leftovers to prepare tasty meals.

The results of the initiative were really encouraging: throughout of our global accounts alone since January of this year, we estimate that we’ve saved over $1M in avoided food spend by reducing our waste — a greenhouse gas reduction equivalent to avoiding 60,000 gallons of gasoline.

This has only strengthened our commitment to work even harder for this cause. Therefore, Compass has committed to reducingfood waste by 50% by the year 2030, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. 

“To act against food waste, to unite the efforts of several countries, to commit ourselves to the same period … is to give weight to our action. We have put the power of our Group at the service of a just cause. We hope to change behaviours; even the smallest positive actions count. This is the spirit of this “Stop Food Waste Day”: the strength of the collective.” Peter Cinelli – Director, International Clients Programme.

If you would like to know more about how Compass can help you reduce food waste in your company, call Jeroen Kurvers on +31 655 860 513

“To act against food waste, to unite the efforts of several countries, to commit ourselves to the same period … is to give weight to our action.”