Variety is the spice of life!


The food service areas in the main restaurant of our clients Headquarters in Hong Kong serve around 1,200 covers per day, in an area with a seating capacity of less than 400.

The area is due for extensive refurbishment before 2018, nonetheless our consumer insight data suggested that consumers wanted more variety in their food offer and opportunities to trade up into more premium food. The challenge was to achieve this without spending any capital that could not be reused in the full refurbishment project.

The existing, traditional buffet service remains popular but our insights team found that consumers wanted more authentic variety, freshly prepared to order food and also more portable and grab and go products to meet the needs of their busy lunchtimes and the limited seating options.


To achieve this the team, led by our Executive Chef, reviewed the consumer insight data, sales information and observed the flow of people through the dining areas, to create a range of new and exciting solutions that required minimal investment but would have maximum impact.

We converted the conventional three ‘bay’ layout into an entirely new concept with:

Bay 1 – becoming micro market retail area selling a wider choice of grab and go salads, sandwiches and a range of drinks from green teas to freshly pressed juices, supported with the introduction of a new meal deal offer to add value and compete with local competition.

The existing carvery offering was extended to include a new healthier choice, Grill & Greens which transformed once a month into a street food pop up.

We revamped the existing coffee bar with the introduction of a new barista coffee offer and included a made to order deli sandwich offer.

Bay 2 – consolidated the traditional buffet offers and the noodle bar

Bay 3 – relocated and refreshed noodle bar featuring a new “Chop-Shop’ noodle offer and a daily chef’s station.


  • First two months of full ‘go live’ saw a consistent revenue increase at 2% overall
  • Kiosk sales rose by 25% as new lines and offers added value to this sales line
  • Queuing frustration disappeared completely from the buffet with the introduction of 2 new lines in immediate proximity.

It just goes to show that by working hand in glove with our clients, using our insights driven approach and a good dose of imagination we brought food variety to life. In a restricted space, we were able to reflect the needs and desires of consumers by creating an evert changing environment in which we could easily demonstrate value and quality.

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