Convenience drives collaboration


At the Geneva headquarters of our client, a large FMCG company we looked to build in a new level of convenience for their team and create an environment which would enhance collaborative working.

Through our European Food at Work research we know that “convenience” is ranked as one of the most powerful drivers of consumer choice – and it’s getting to be even more important as each successive generation enters the workplace.

Consumers are looking for ‘simpler, better and faster’ food service experiences with an increasing trend of grazing with small snacks throughout the day instead of just sticking to traditional lunchtime patterns.

We knew that if we could meet these needs we could also meet the needs of the FM and HR teams – reduced space usage and the creation of attractive and inviting ‘collision spaces’ to build and improve collaborative working.


We developed Smart & Fresh a self-serve, no-staff flexible food and beverage solution designed to meet the highly focused needs of consumers.

Our flexible approach meant that we could build anything from a small coffee break room to a mini restaurant serving up to 60 people and place them close to working and meeting spaces.

This of course met the convenience criteria but also meant we created an environment in which people could not only share food and drink but share ideas and thoughts as well.


By using an innovative approach, the latest technology combined with well researched insights, together with a sharp eye for space management meant that not only could we provide increased customer satisfaction due to the convenience and speed of service and enhanced facilities experience – but also hard bottom line results for our client with a €800,000 food service cost reduction.

We also facilitated the reduction of higher cost catering services by a flexible solution, self-funded through high employee usage.

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