23rd July 2019

“Glocalising” your food offer


  • The uniqueness of food service compared to other FM services
  • What you can gain by using a global food service specialist
  • How Compass International Client Programme can deliver a “glocalised” food service

At home and at work our food choices define more than just our tastes: they talk about who we are, our beliefs and vision of the world.

Food is about local identity (the food we grow up with becomes a part of ourselves that we take with us wherever we go) but also, as we define our vision of the world, we adapt our food choices to it: our religion or our relationship with our planet, for instance, both impact greatly on our food decisions in ways that are often felt very strongly.

Besides which, there are health choices which force many of us to avoid some foods in favour of others.

In short, food has a unique value and strong moral implications which are less strongly felt in other FM services, where standards – however high – are more universally accepted and require less local knowledge and attention to individual sensitivity.

If you are providing food service for staff around the globe, you’ll be well aware of all these elements and you know what you can gain by paying attention to local and individual food needs: more satisfied staff who are happy to use your food service facility,  and more productive employees who will be  aiding both retention and attraction

That is why a global organisation should “glocalise” its food offer and treat food as a separate service delivered by a global food specialist who willunderstand and appreciate culture-specific needs, support you with local knowledge and bring solutions backed by the power of its global scale. This can improve user experience, employee engagement and deliver savings in all areas of food service.

If you would like to begin the conversation about how Compass International Clients Programme can help your organisation deliver a global food service with a local focus, you can call Jeroen Kurvers on+31 655 86 05 13

When globalising your food service, you should always respect local culture and individual needs.