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Harnessing the power of food at work.

If you work full time, you probably consume at least one meal a day at the office or during work hours. That meal is much more than fuel.

Taking a strategic approach to food across your multinational business

For some FM professionals it can be tempting to lump together every facilities discipline to create an integrated approach across all.

Using technology and data to help stop food waste

Stop Food Waste Day is the Compass Group fuelled annual focus on one of the key issues facing the food service sector as we hurtle through the 21st century.

Promoting gender diversity across the Globe – Compass Group leads the way

The Compass Group’s footprint spans 50 countries and over 55,000 client locations. Across this base you can find nearly 600,000 colleagues.

Tech will make changing food habits easier to swallow

The world faces a ticking time bomb when it comes to food supply. By 2050, the global population will have ballooned to more than 9bn people.

The search for ‘value’ represents a top trend for 2019

Whilst we fully recognise that ‘price’ will always feature on a list of what’s important to our clients we are increasingly finding the search for real ‘value’ is finding its way to the top of that list.

Discovering new ways to feed your employees

Across the globe our operational and procurement teams work hard to find innovative ways to help our clients achieve their goals of providing first class staff dining whilst meeting their CSR and sustainability responsibilities.

The importance of food at work

Two research findings emphasize the importance of food at work. During a recent Leesman Index survey on global workplace strategy, management, satisfaction and effectiveness, 250,000 employees were asked the following question: