16th November 2020

80 years of food ‘know how’ fuels the world’s best manufacturing and distribution businesses


  • Great food & great breaks
  • Increases productivity
  • Builds resilience
  • Healthy eating

Optimal production is your job; serving great food is ours – but we know there is a strong link between the two, keeping your people fuelled and happy keeps your business productive.

In 1941, Britain was at war, and 33-year-old Jack Robert Bateman was doing his bit. At the time hunger was viewed as an impediment to national efficiency, so Jack opened Factory Canteens Ltd (the founding firm of Compass Group) with a clear purpose: to feed productivity. By feeding munitions workers and supporting their stamina and health led to increased productivity.

Modern manufacturing might be different, but the fundamental job of food provision is the same.  We work with clients involved in production, process and logistics and distribution with the same purpose – refreshing tired minds and re-fueling the productivity of people at work.

We provide a welcome respite where people can refuel or relax. Food is important, but we are also reinventing the way that people eat at work with modern spaces, social interaction and wellbeing. We honour Jack’s original purpose by nourishing people physically, mentally and socially.

Contact Brooke.Pinkney@compass-group.co.uk to start the conversation about how working with Compass to deliver healthy, nutritious and great value food across your facilities, and how it can play a part in achieving your productivity goals.

“Modern manufacturing might be different, but the fundamental job of food provision is the same.”